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Potency, Residual Solvents, and Terpenes
 Plant Material: 1 gram  Solid Fats: 1 gram
 Concentrates: 1 grams  Solid Topicals: 1 gram
 Edibles: 6 grams  Liquid Topicals: 5 mL
Tinctures/Edible Oils/Beverages: 5 mL Solid Fats (butter): 1 gram
Capsules: 2-10 units
 Plant Material: 1 gram Concentrates/Extracts: 1 gram
Other Products: 1 gram or 5 mL  
Heavy Metals
 Plant Material: 1 gram Edibles: 1 unit
 Concentrates: 2 grams Drinks or Liquids: 5 ml
 Edibles: 6 grams  Liquid Topicals: 5 mL
Tinctures: 10 ml Leaf Tissue: 1.5 grams dry
 Plant Material: 1 gram Tintures: 3 mL
 Concentrates: .5 grams Edibles: 1 gram
Water Activity and Moisture Content
 Plant Material: 1 gram

Print the chain of Custody

Open the Chain of Custody form by clicking the button below. In the upper right hand corner of the screen there will be a print icon for you to click on. Print the document. You may also print and fill out the Sample Questionnaire in order to provide more information about your product that may help us in our testing.

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Bring everything you need

You will need different documentation depending on if you’re submitting medical or recreational marijuana samples or hemp/CBD samples. Review the lists below to make sure you have everything for the submission process.

We can not accept incomplete submissions.

Marijuana Testing

Hemp/CBD Testing

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Submit Chain of Custody and Payment

Pick-ups are now available. They are available Monday-Thursday from 10 am to 4 pm, with a minimum amount of 5 samples per pick-up. Pick-up must be scheduled 24 hours prior to pick-up. Not available to Tucson or Flagstaff areas. Click below to schedule a pick-up!

Mail in samples are possible as long as they’re under the federal hemp levels.

Payment must be included with submission.
We accept checks, cash and credit/debit (with a 3.5% service charge). If you have questions about the amount you will owe, call or email us.

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